The Run Lighting ASRQ [Audit, Spec, ROI, Quotes…] is a powerful tool designed to assist users in managing project workflows efficiently.  Our platform offers a range of selectable workflows tailored to the needs of Lighting Professionals.  These workflows include:


Perform comprehensive audits to assess current lighting systems, identify areas for improvement, and gather essential data for project planning. 

Lighting Plans and Fixture Schedules

Create detailed lighting plans and fixture schedules that meet project requirements and ensure optimal lighting design.


Generate precise specifications outlining the technical requirements and standards for lighting installations, ensuring consistency and compliance.

Installation Pricing

Estimate project costs accurately by utilizing our platform to calculate installation expenses, including labor, materials, and other associated expenses.


Generate professional and detailed quotes for clients, providing transparent pricing information and project scope.

ROIs [Return on Investment]

Calculate and analyze the return on investment for proposed lighting projects, demonstrating the potential energy savings and financial benefits to clients.

Submittal Binders

Compile comprehensive submittal binders containing all relevant project documentation, specifications, and supporting materials for efficient submission and review processes.

By utilizing the Run Lighting ASRQ workflows, Lighting Professionals can streamline project management, enhance collaboration, and execute industry-leading lighting and energy-efficient solutions.  Our platform provides a centralized hub where professionals can build, track, and manage their projects from start to finish, ensuring efficient and successful outcomes.

Experience the power of Run Lighting ASRQ and unlock the potential to deliver exceptional lighting projects with ease.

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