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Run Lighting and Run Construction

Revolutionizing Lighting, Electrical, and Construction Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Real Estate.

At Run Lighting and Run Construction, we are dedicated to transforming the way lighting, electrical, and construction solutions are executed within the commercial and industrial real estate sectors. Our web and mobile software platforms are specifically designed to streamline processes, enhance communication, and optimize workflows for professionals in these industries.

Run Lighting: Empowering Lighting Professionals

Run Lighting is an innovative application tailored for Lighting Professionals. Our software empowers professionals like you to deliver world-class lighting projects, upgrades, retrofits, and energy-efficient solutions. By harnessing the power of Run Lighting, you can connect and collaborate with every contributor involved in a lighting project, ensuring seamless workflow collaboration from audit and specification to integration with property owners and operators. Our goal is to provide a centralized hub for lighting projects, simplifying processes and enabling you to deliver excellence.

Run Construction: Simplifying Construction Solutions

Run Construction is a comprehensive software platform that caters to the needs of professionals in the construction industry. Our platform encompasses various aspects of construction, including lighting and electrical solutions, alongside a wide range of services for commercial and industrial real estate properties. With Run Construction, you can streamline processed, improve communication, and optimize workflows, ultimately leading to more efficient and successful project execution.

Join the Run Community

By joining the Run community, you gain access to powerful tools and resources that revolutionize the way you approach your work. Whether you are a Lighting Professional or involved in construction, our platforms are designed to simplify and enhance your processes, ultimately enabling you to deliver exception results.

Our Mission

Empower your lighting solutions with the power of Run.

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